Silverballi Hardwood Lumber

Shibadan is a good general purpose wood suitable for construction work requiring strength and durability and could also be useful for exterior joinery. Shibadan is also suitable for paneling, turnery, and furniture manufacturing

Silverballi Hardwood Lumber



Scientific Name:

Brown: Licaria Canella; Kereti: Ocotea Puberula; Kurahara: Ocotea Glomerata; Swizzlestick: Ocotea Schomburgkiana; White: Ocotea Canaliculata; Yellow: Aniba Ovalifolia. ­ (Family: Lauraceae)
A.T.I.B.T. Standard Name: Canela
Other Names: Pisie, Caraiou, Caneio, Louro Branco, Inamui, Preto

In Guyana the Silverballi group is divided into “hard” and “soft”.


Boles measure 60-70 feet long, with a diameter of 16-24 inches.


The heartwood ranges from grayish through yellowish buff to light brown and darkens on exposure. The luster is medium to high. Texture rather fine to moderately coarse. Grain is straight, occasionally somewhat wavy. The wood has a pleasant aromatic odor.


The “hard” Silverballi is rather light to heavy with densities ranging from 37-62 lbs/ft3. “Soft” Silverballi ranges in densities from 22-37 lbs/ft3. The group is generally in strength class 2. Movement rather low; the lighter species shrink less than the heavier types.


Silverballi is moderately resistant to insects and decay, but susceptible to termites. Highly resistant to marine borers and difficult to impregnate.


Seasoning: Silverballi air-dries will with little degrade. Kiln Schedule G.
Working/Machining: Saws well and works easily.
Assembly: Holds nails, screws, and glues well.
Finishing: Finishes smoothly unless the grain is severely interlocked. Paints well.


“Hard” Silverballi is used in general carpentry, boat building (planking), suitable for both interior and exterior work in building; furniture and cabinet work; suitable for veneer and plywood. “Soft” Silverballi is used in general carpentry, interior work, light furniture; suitable for utility plywood.


Occurs frequently in the Guyana forests. Regular supplies are available for orders placed in the Silverballi group.